Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT) Program


Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT) Program


Gies Online offers a pathway, the Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT) program, for applicants who feel their profile may not be strong enough to gain direct admission to the iMSA degree program. The Gies Online Admissions team may also refer applicants to the PAT program based on a review of application materials.

To apply, submit your application for the Accountancy Performance-based Admissions Track (Online) NDEG program. You will undergo the same rigorous application review as a degree-seeking student, including a possible interview.

If admitted to the PAT, you will take two pre-determined iMSA courses (below), and upon successful completion (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better including a B or higher in both courses) you will be automatically admitted to the iMSA program as a degree-seeking student for the following term. The credits earned in those two courses will be applied toward your MSA degree. All students admitted to the PAT program will have the full class experience as well as access to academic advising and support.

Unsure if your profile is a better fit for the full degree or the PAT program? Contact our team to discuss your qualifications. The admissions team will also review each application and you will be notified if the team recommends a path different than the one initially chosen.

To complete the iMSA Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT), a learner must complete a set of two iMSA courses either concurrently or within two consecutive semesters:

  • ACCY 501: Accounting Analysis I
  • Either ACCY 503: Managerial Accounting or ACCY 505: Federal Taxation

The two courses must be completed while maintaining a 3.0 cumulative GPA and you must receive a B or higher in both courses. Additional courses taken will count towards the GPA and may result in an unfavorable admission decision. All learners admitted to Gies Online Programs must adhere to the professional behavior expectations laid out in the Gies Honor Code. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in the learner not being offered admission to the degree program, even if the minimum academic requirements are met.

Please review the sample schedules for PAT students and degree students to understand how you may complete your degree:

Nearing the successful completion of your PAT program, our team will reach out with next steps regarding your degree offer.

Do you…

· Not meet minimum undergraduate GPA requirement?

  • Lack relevant full-time professional experience?

Are you…

  • Unsure if an online program is right for you?
  • Unsure about the time commitment needed to earn your MSA?

Then the PAT program could be the best option for you. Apply now.

  • Free application
  • Earn guaranteed admission into the full degree program
  • Opportunity to experience the courses in the iMSA program and earn academic credit