Program Details

The iMSA provides flexible learning options allowing you to balance education with work and other obligations. To satisfy the degree requirements, you need to complete 32 University of Illinois semester hours of graduate course work of which at least 20 hours are in accountancy courses, and at least 4 hours are in a non-accountancy course. You can complete the iMSA in as few as 4 semesters (18 months) or as many as 8 semesters (36 months). Click here to view sample schedules.

If you want to acquire specific skills, deepen your knowledge in a specific area, or need additional credits to sit for the CPA exam, you can complete iMSA courses without having to apply to the full degree program. Moreover, the self-directed, non-credit component of iMSA courses, the Coursera open-enrollment courses, can be accessed and completed on your own schedule several times a year.