Enroll in a For-Credit Course

Graduate-level, for-credit iMSA courses start at various times throughout the year. They deliver content that can have immediate impact in your work, and credits can be applied to your iMSA.

Approval to take iMSA courses as a non-degree student will require a Bachelor’s degree in any academic discipline from an accredited institution in the United States or the international equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. In addition it is recommended that applicants have a minimum academic or professional background in business.

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Why enroll in a for-credit course?

  1. You are planning to apply to the iMSA or are in the process of applying. You want to get a head start on your course work or take a first course as a way to ease back in to being a student.
  2. You want to enhance your academic credentials before you apply to the iMSA. The admissions team does take performance in these courses into account in making its decisions.
  3. You want to qualify for a GMAT waiverClick here to learn more.
  4. You want to deepen your technical accounting knowledge in Financial Reporting, Audit, U.S. Federal Tax, or in Data Analytics.
  5. Or maybe you want to earn academic credit for transfer to another program or university. (Credits earned are full University of Illinois credits but be sure to check with your home institution.)

How it works?

For-credit courses are comprised of two components. One component is the self-directed, noncredit part which covers the foundational material. It consists of on demand videos, reading materials, and basic quiz questions. Imagine it to be your interactive textbook.

The other component is the high-engagement, graduate-level, for-credit part, which corresponds to the foundational material in the noncredit part. This component will take you deeper into the material with personal interaction with faculty in the form of live classes, assignments and exams, personal feedback, office hours, and interaction with your peers. Tuition of $850 per University of Illinois credit hour will be assessed for the for-credit component. This for-credit component is designed to run concurrently with the non-credit, foundational component, although you have the option to finish the non-credit part ahead of time. If you do so, we will apply your completed work towards the for-credit part of the course. An additional $316 in Coursera ID Verification fees per 16-week, four-credit hour Illinois course will be assessed.