Program Platforms

All iMSA courses are delivered on two platforms: Compass 2g & Coursera.

Compass 2g will serve as the main portal via which you connect to class.

  • Your primary log-in for Compass is your University of Illinois netID and password (i.e., the same credentials you use for your University of Illinois email)
  • Compass will house all High Engagement content – including the syllabus and course schedule, individual and group assignments, the course’s discussion board, links to live sessions, exams, and grades.
  • Compass will also contain links to foundational content (i.e., MOOC-content), which will be delivered on Coursera; you will be able to link directly to Coursera-based content via Compass.
  • You will complete course components in both platforms.
  • ALL elements of a course must be successfully completed by the deadlines noted in the course syllabus, found in the course homepage on Compass, in order to earn academic credit.

Refer to your iMSA Onboarding Course for information and tutorials on how to use both platforms. After viewing these resources, remaining questions can be directed to